My First Single….

date…may 31 2005..finally got d patience to make a blog for meself..
first things first..this place aint gonna have proper english ..just d way i type in chat/ write me notes..dat is wen i writem…

name rahul srinivasan aurora…
doing B.E. ElectronicsnCommunication…in Vasavi, Hyderabad,India.. age 19+..

19 years is a long time..but is it…well it is in my case L-)…parts of which have been experienced by many ppl ..but since d blog starts 2day…. d past will reach ya in parts…

d blog here will be more of a diary…me bad writer..i mean this is the 4th attempt in 5 years to write a diary…d most successfull one being last year wich lasted from april to june…

this time around like last time i wanna make it a permanent fixture..but then let us c wat i end up doing..

big MnM fan…singing a mainstay…i do acapella formula1 soccer sporting interests…

the diary almost be a total account of my day…so there are gonna b lotsa ppl in it..weneva a new karakter is intro’d a brief sketch ofem shall b given..i mean wat i see of dem..notexactly wat dey r…if sumun goes thru dis blog everyday…dey shall b amazed at the number of ppl we end up knowing in a life-time..and the kinda fixations we have wdi each one ofem…

first up me family…me dad Nanguneri Raghava Srinivasan..advocate…part of a big family..but was alone most of his young days away from home at such all his brothers n sisters grew that way..but he was away n alone d most..worked in Dept. of Telecom in Guntur den came 2 hyderabad for a long time…very much involved in union work and probably that is how ended up marrying my mom , daughter of a union leader . after me n my sis were born , studied law and den at a crucial juncture decided to quit his job and started practising law..dat move is still lauded as one of the most risky ones by many a person…native place well i’ll tell u this granpa’s place= nanguneri, a wud-b upcoming IT centre in Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu..den granpa ..Nanguneri Raghava Iyengar, a poojari, volunteered to shif base to Nuzvid, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, for spreading the MATHAM’s base..vaishnavite…so d whole family moved dere..d kids..7 of em whu survived their cms 2 died at young age..did their studies dere and den moved 2 hyderabad for work…and apart from d eldest son..d rest were in DoT:P:P

me mum..Alli Srinivasan..eldest among 2 girls n 2 boys..chennai based..but native place


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I am a hypocrite.

3 thoughts on “My First Single….”

  1. Whoa! Glad to see your language didn’t stay the same. I HATE sms lingo, as it is called.

    And surprise surprise! My grandpa(paternal) had 7 kids who survived; 2 of them didn’t. Some bit of a weird coincidence.


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