My First Single….Take 2

see ..sra always screws it up with his blogs.. tho i typed d prev post on may 31 2k5 but posted it on 16 march 2k6….

in d mean time..i got a backlog in analog electronic ckts..cleared it d next sem..:P

also applied for my passport :)>-

so lemme start wid 2day…

went 2 SNIST wid akshay..for his col fest SREEFEST..:P d coll sucked as a place…ppl..well..werent dat enthu..but for a first time col fest it was ok..spend d day wid his classm8 manasi and vaibhav..dint rap :-j JUDGES were dere:P quiz and potpourri mein time pass kiya..think will get thru quiz prelims..Potpourri jeethey tho will b happy 😛

came home and saw and then i realised..i too had a blog of my own :)) let us c ..if i continue doin all dis again :-j and my fav quote…time will answer more questions than i ever will


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I am a hypocrite.

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