Pay Day # 2

pay day 1 was in first year wen i won some quiz in college :-j šŸ˜›

snist ko firse went..akshay and his frend spoorthy arrived in M8 and picked me up …reached dere screwed quiz finals..i blame vaasthu..reverse round nai thaa :-l..potpourri kal we won kathey :-j

den dumbc akshay and manasi won it :D:D:D…

akshay 2nd in xtempore.. manasi 1st in dancing..blah blah..:P
lunch was a yucky manchuria ..and many appys #:-s

sra as usual kebaab mein haddi spent an hour wid akshays mates..vaibhav and sankalp..saala mereko shoo nai karke kiya šŸ˜› well i got d point and went ussh kaaki šŸ˜›

valedictory mein prizes liye ie cash :-j apna share 833.33 šŸ˜€ šŸ˜› return trip pe gaane gaayins spoorT …nice voice..axe suggesting.. she singing..sra sleeping:P driver saaheb ghar pe drop kare and unka borrowed kurtha leke gaye šŸ˜› time pass bahut kam hua yeh do din mein..lekin happy dat kuch paise mile..

isii darmiyaaan shravan saheb ko call parne par patha chala kii 99MHz par hai sablog..ppl in class who make their presence felt when it comes to money matters and keep dud jab kaam karna padtha..
aaya ghar mein bolaa šŸ˜€
den online baithaa..time pass wid classm8s samatha(sam),aditya(ADI) ,harish(BABE), sridinesh(dinnu)….

also apu and samatha ouce ( samu)..prob will meet apu 2moro..:-j
dinnered=p~ dondakaai :X
dinnu described days proceedings :-j stupid ppl ka oa he described ..:P yavvan called ..he too did the same..:P…current…i am a lil pissed….:-l wid d taaks dat are happenin in class relating 2 farewell organising..dats y i always keep myself away from all of these thus i propose to end this day..po bey nidra po inkem soosthaav šŸ˜›


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I am a hypocrite.

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