March the 18th 2006

uthaa :-s 10.30 ko nikalne ka plan.. ironing my shirts is something i love to do..but in leisure time.. baaki sab bhaad mein jaaye ..i take pride in my ironing and boot polishing.. 3 shirts iron kiya..:P ek black tshirt if to say..soorya bhagwan..i am all yours to burn #-o…apu n her frend giving treat to odas..totally dey 5..mereko aau boli imax ko apun gaya…

activa take ..go..vrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom >:D< roadside=”))” style=”font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;”>veblen goods. dey too had taken tix for 9211 😛 11.30show. apu n co came pretty late..goudn co ko andar entry maardo boldaala more important :-j 😛

apu n co arrived..i was intro’d to pavithra ( name dat i will never ever forget :P) ,farheen, ruksana ..went 2 movie late :-jbut had seen it..time passed :-jbreak mein goud sponsor :-j :Pmo

movie againtime pass icch thaa..nana patekar rox :)>- JA ka first ACTING performance 😛 ..

den went 2 paradise..dese ppl time liye..i knew it wud happen so bolke..beech mein necklace road pe niimbu soda :X i am also like goud n co :-j paradise is a jinxed place for me so i was :-s

udhar anoda person of this gang..suvarsha waitin..abhi actually me muh kholna :-@ shuru kiya 😛 but wid so many females its so very difficult to communicate @-) dey were enthu abt deir kaaleg ka fest..first time ..insurrexn kathey 😕 on april 1st :-j wanna try 😛 askin me wat 2 do and all 😛 den then some standard yapping…food beechmein =p~ 😛 den went 2 softy :-j udhar i sponsored ICs…but not wasnt d worst part..wen we went downstairs….baithke khaaneko ..udhar ek couple..smooching or wateva..ladki tho uspar chadrii and they dint stop even after we came…farheen cudnt stop laafing and actually switched places :)) accha time pass icecream sucked[-( dont take berry overload [-x take my word for it :(( den i did something ;;) wich X( :(( :-l ed apu :)) dose gals hopefully will trouble her :- j

den dey went 2 buy gift for apu and ruksana whu had had her bday d prev day ..gals shopping @-) god save me [-o< he dint :Pden alvida tata birla …
while returnin home grapes khareeda :X side mein watermelon bandi dekaa :-?khaaya 😀

ghar aake net pe:D strday i had given samu n pratyusha( praT) my diary entries of 2004 :-j dey started discussin abt dat..praT wanted me 2 rite a buuk @-)i was like yeah rite @-)…aditya with his cisco fiasco #-o login karneko nai aara 8-|
yavvan aaya to give some PAPERS wich are to be given 2 ashwat..usko drop kiya station par..he described some stuff :-j dinnered ..vankaai :X chatted wid loadsa ppl..din accha icch gaya..2moro Page10 @ dinnus…do i want 2 do a PAPER or not is wat i am thinking..but will doze off now i-)
den accha jaake watched some gharshana and kalisundaam raa..venky bday aa today :-?????den came ba


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I am a hypocrite.

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