2 records 2 go microprocessor i-) saturday ie april the 1st went to st.martins engg college…apus college wid yav for deir fest..akshay also dere.. time pass..
me n yav returned the wake of preparation for mondays internal..wich involved us going to gouds place and with babe , dinnu anand and doctor already there….i spps dat says how well we studied πŸ˜›

monday a nite mare in the communication systems..close to the worst exam ever was a creative ritin contest for me i-) afternoon digital signal processing..the only subject i have some idea about ..and wat do i do..screw it up :-l yav cleared his backlog in UB Secbad pe khaaye..back home now ..seeing d pics dat we tuk @ apus coll and chatting wid her πŸ˜› 2moro its Antennas n Wave Propagation…and Microcontroller…totally lite i-) bhagwaaan bachaaye woh do sirs ko jo mera paper correct karne waale hai πŸ˜›


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I am a hypocrite.

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