Dint wanna lose this piece of description of me…so posting :P

Jayashree says:
Empty vessels make much noise well that cud be ur conclusion if u r the kind hu draws one during the fisrt few days I ve learnt not to do so, well the guy is not “completely”(dont cum up to me n then complain that completely is well highlighted) an air head mostly bcuz well heýs a scorpio n that means he belongs to the water sign!if all this seems a bit too confusing its cuz of me not him he is a simple bloke (gets pretty eccentric at times well the degree of eccentricity, determines if he belongs to where ive got my masters from erragadda( really famous out here in hyderabad with many aspirants) hospital for mentally unsound, and i dont think he has reached the zenith of madness yet.
A lil bit of how I know abt him (its aaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll him here hed be delighting right now thinkin me me me me me meeee[me* ;))] well i am currently his confindant n pretty much know all that reaches his alimentary canal everyday every second well uve guessed it rite he is pretty much a foodie like most ppl and our common belief here is if uve lost the will to eat uve lost the zeal to live.i can ramble on and unravel all sorts of teeny weenie itsy bitsy details abt him but theres lots u can discover abt him urself so jus chat up with him (I donýt quite suggest that if u do not like practical jokes or else its fun)

Annnnnnnnnnnnd if u r still tuned in he is a really tall guy n used be lean now god knows well I have neva seen him in person so am not the one u ask abt all this k bubyes!!!!!!!


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I am a hypocrite.

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