Gym Bhai Gym Bhai

Fatass and Pandu went to Muscle Power Gym. They went there to watch ITV and I believe went to sit on the cycle. Long time ago. I never joined them. Why, I do not know.

I joined the URMC gym yesterday and bought appropriate shoes for the same. Today, after screwing up earlier in the day, I decided to continue to stick to THE SCHEDULE. I went there, a little skeptic, a little bashful, but went there all the same. I had not undergone the customary orientation due to some clash in schedule. To use any equipment, one had to sign up. I put in my name for the cycle ( I had to follow my seniors on this. Plus, it was beside the TV so that made the decision for me ). Since I had some time, I entered the squash court. My prior experience of squash has been of me trying it and then switching to Racquetball. I went in, alone, into the court with the necessities. Hit the ball once or twice and then it happened. I twisted my ankle and fell. And there ended my Gym story. I am hardly able to walk.

Moral of Another Story : Go to gym and then do gymming. Don’t do overaction.


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I am a hypocrite.

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