Red & White Bravery Award

Grating your thumb while grating Fresh Frozen (already) Grated Coconut and mixing your red blood with the white grated coconut does not give you Red & White Bravery Award.


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I am a hypocrite.

2 thoughts on “Red & White Bravery Award”

  1. Respected Sir,
    As being an Indian citizen and proud to be a part of Garvi Gujarat , I would like to bring to your notice that, on 26th July’08 there was a serial bomb blast that took place in Ahmedabad City….wherein, many areas where covered including vegetable markets and hospitals (LG and Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad)….

    In such situation we all know that many localites were killed and injured too…. but still we all haven’t noticed one thing for which a person should be recognized, and that was all about a lady residing in Hatkeshwar, Amraiwadi area known by Mrs.Chandrika Lavkumar Upadhyay a local resident of Ahmedabad, who went out of her way with her fearless courage and efforts that she made at the time of bomb attack…at the exact location where the bomb was blast.

    Being an eyewitness, I saw the lady went into the scenario fearlessly where the bomb was blast and got many panicked people out from the location where the bomb was blast. And all individually she managed to handle the panicked area and got many injured victims out of the danger by having a proper communication with the ambulance and police service.

    There was a huge crowd just taking a look over their situation and the injured and dead bodies, but there wasn’t any man or a person who step ahead to manage for the help. At that given point, this lady took the initiative to show her humanity for our people. She was noticed by all local area people and the area counselors and police concerns. But still her presence and courage was not appreciated or recognized by any of such authorities.
    She was also been interview by all the news channels and by the police too as she was one of the main eyewitness. Her pictures were clicked at the exact point of blast as well as her article was been also published in the Gujarat Local NEWS paper.

    I would like to bring to your notice that such courage and brave thing should be admired and should appreciated by giving a proper recognition. After, it can be proudly said that it’s the “Women World”, wherein it’s not necessary that a man can do everything or can manage all in life. Nowadays, Man and women goes hand to hand.

    I request you to please contact me for the concern lady’s details.I do also hold her pictures and the copy of the article that was been published in the news paper.

    I’ll be great full if you do so then i’ll definately start believing the words that are been quoted by your organisation…because I believe If this right decision happens then, it will set an example for all of us that “everyone should stand for everyone, this is what we Indians are all about”.

    I am Proud to be an Indian citizen by having such people around in this world.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nitin Upadhyay
    +91 9879300669


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