Happy Ending

A lackluster series. An inconsequential match. An OK batting display followed by a gritty bowling effort. Last wicket partnership is posing a serious threat to a face saving victory. 2 overs to go . 14 runs to lose.

Your final match on Australian soil. Not much with the bat. You cool your heels and warm your fingers in the pocket, all through the 2nd innings. Just made an attempt at the stumps which if successful would have won you the game. Not. Everyone expects the captain to ask the other youngster to bowl. Not. Captain throws the ball to you. He talks to you as if you are a debutant, encouraging you , patting you on the back. 20 years of international cricket. But you know at some level that you needed that.

The genuine joy that I saw on Sanath Jayasuriya’s face , after he bowled that delivery, is something I shall never forget.

P.S.: If you get a chance, watch Murali’s final 4 overs. Pure Class.


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I am a hypocrite.

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