First Minute Rush

I always have had a dislike towards those who tend to huddle up at the door on a train approaching a halt, way before it is to reach the halt.  Especially when it is a significant halt. This crowd may have its reasons. Old age, line for the auto, whatever. My problem with these people was that they blocked my way to the toilet. I have this thing with trains. I drink coffee only on trains (yes. that very watery brown colored liquid passed off as coffee) and I need to use the loo only when the train is approaching a station. So these people effectively block my way to attaining nirvana.


I see similar routines being followed on flights ( I do not have any on flights, not yet ). Once the flight taxis down to the gate, the rush begins. The captain hasn’t yet turned off the seat-belts on sign, but the aisle is already filled with people fighting for space and their baggage. After a lot of hustling, staring, jostling and sometimes swearing, they all have their bags. And then, it happens. The wait for the cabin doors to open. 10-15 minutes of standing, with bodies mashed up against each other and luggage. I just love this part, because these guys are absolutely not used to the essence of bus / metro train travel. Their discomfort always makes me laugh. I feel that this is some kind of revenge taken by fate on my behalf. I happy. I very very happy.


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I am a hypocrite.

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