Paisa Mein Paramathma Hai

 Guardian has this : 

Lord’s and The Oval will play host to matches involving franchises from the Indian Premier League this season if the MCC and Surrey accept offers from the new tournament’s organisers to stage games at their grounds. Games in the inaugural IPL season, which runs from April 18 to June 1, have already been allocated to venues in India but officials are keen to broaden the tournament’s horizons and staging what would amount to exhibition matches in England would be a starting point. The MCC and Surrey declined to confirm the IPL’s approach.  

About a month ago, EPL got its proposal of holding overseas matches ridiculed and then rejected.  Why? Amongst other reasons, the most significant one is the fact that EPL !=FA != FIFA. No puppetry. But can the same be said about ICC and BCCI? I suppose we all know the answer.

 Now the major other reason : EPL clubs have a strong local fan base, with, in some cases,  significant say in how the club is run. Loyalty, passion and the related shit. 

 The IPL is kind of making a master stroke, coming up with these overseas – neutral- venue – money laundering fixtures  much before the fans even support any team. But then again, its  not much of a master stroke. It is business as usual for cricket administrators (rant aimed at BCCI in particular), for when has the ticket-buying fan ever been of any concern to them. If he were part of their plans, then he wouldn’t have to bear the barbaric torture that has been the norm for watching a match in the stadia. But then again, nothing changes. 


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