I am in depression and I committing suicide.


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I am a hypocrite.

One thought on “Suicide”

  1. I recently (about 45 days ago) lost my dad and was googling aimlessly about bansilalpet and hit upon this blog. Many things you mentioned are similar. You are luckier than I am, I saw my father alive before his death but he was in coma due to cardiac arrest – they revived his heart but due to the time lag and lack of oxygen to the brain, brain death occurred. After being in coma for 27 days, he died with a second cardiac arrest. He was 74. Me and my two brothers also took him to bansilalpet and then greived along with my mother. We had the same discussion about going to Beechpally, but went instead to Vijayawada. We performed his funeral with full Hindu brahmin rites. I am still dreaming about his death and still cannot believe that he is dead.


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