There are many words that we use to get someone’s attention. Hello. Boss. Babu. Deii. Oreii. Saale. The list goes on. But there was this lecturer who called out “Yourself” .  The uniqueness of this way of addressing students was more because of the choice of such a banal word to such effective (ab)use.


( apologies to non-telugu viewers. it may not make sense )

Scene : Typical post-lunch undergrad classroom.

The trouble starts when the last bench guys, instead of conforming to the set standard, decide not to sleep but actually listen to the class.

Guy1 : Hey Girl1. Why is he writing the code that way re . Makes no sense to me re.

( The guys got fed up with the girls using re. So they were applying some kind of reverse psychology theory , which in the long run was not successful )

Girl1 : Shut up and go to sleep. Don’t disturb me.

Guy2 : Arey Girl2 give your notes na re.

Girl2 gives her notes.

The other last benchers, Guy3 and Guy4, join in and everyone huddles around that book. Guy1 still couldn’t control his itch and tried getting a detailed explanation from Girl2.

Lecturer suddenly turns away from the blackboard, interrupting the parleys he had been having with it since the start of class, and comes pounding towards and the last bench and yells  : Yourself!!! Hey You. Niike cheppedidhi ( referring to you only ) . What is all that nonsense. Nuvvena appatnunchi matladedhi ( So it is you who has been talking all this while ).

Guy1 standing up : No Sir. I had a do..

Lecturer : Shut up I say. Always talking something or the other. Koncham sepu kooda class sarigga vinaru ( you don’t listen properly  to the class even for some time).

Guy1 : Sir I had a doubt sir and I was trying to ask notes. Why are you writing that way in the behavioral model Sir?

Lecturer : Anni kathale. Nenu last week ae idhe nenu  otthi otthi cheppa. ( All stories.  Last week only i stressed upon ( PRESSED ) this )

Guy5 : Miiru otthinappudu vaadu choodaledhu saar. ( He did not see when you were pressing Sir )

Lecturer : !!!!!!!!!!!

Class : :)) =))


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3 thoughts on “Yourself”

  1. @ akshay

    same feelingses :-”

    @ sindhura

    yes yourself..gurthosthe cheppu..nenu raashi pedthaa..ilaantivi future generations ki teliika pothe kashtapadthaaru


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