Behind Blue Eyes

There was this time, when I used to stare at girls. Looked into their eyes, till they looked away, wherein I would claim victory at the stare-game to which I had my own rules and scoring system or till they went out of sight which meant it was a draw. My favorite match was with an unknown girl, who I ogled at in West Marredpally while I was in a  moving auto. It felt like the girl knew the rules and was not willing to give up. I would like to meet her again some time, because I gave her the only victory recorded against me.

But the most memorable one was the last one, only because it was the last one. I was getting back to my Bajaj after finishing up with veggy shopping at Monda. There was this girl on a Kinetic, who looked at me. I steadied myself and started off with my best efforts, looking at her non-stop. When I reached my Bajaj, she started coming towards me. Now this was unprecedented. The game never had any rules for conversing. It was strictly an eye game. She trespassed the barrier and created unchartered territory for me. What she said then is the reason why I stop playing that game. 

Bhaiyya. You are (my sister’s name)’s brother naa.


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I am a hypocrite.

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