Camera Numbers

During the first 3 overs of the Kings vs Royals IPL match, the feed that I was getting did not have the main commentary( Not the first time, CBN’s feed always is  like this, but most of it is pre-match. This is the first time it continued even after the main commentary team took over ). Instead it  had the producer’s instructions. I have listed the camera numbers on the stadium. which he keeps talking about, continuously  giving instructions to the  cameramen, as to whose camera is on  air, whose camera will be next on air after x seconds and all that. So much work behind the camera that we never get to know of.  

1/3 – main camera

6 / 7 – striker / non striker

pink roll – stump cam

yellow roll – main camera close to the pitch

green roll – reverse angle close to pitch

blue – square  angle 

4 – fans  

the producers gives  his take on boundary decisions and his feelings about the match :)) his commentary is much better than the team

5 – square

dugout / hawkeye – self explanatory

one shouldn’t assume the time when one cant assume the time especially when one cant get onto the internet to check the world time.




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