Doubting Thomas Finds Similarity in Blasts

I am not talking about Bangalore and Ahmedabad. This is between the blast in Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad last year and today’s blasts in Ahmedabad.

The first pictures to come on all the news channels were from TV9. I’ll get back to the Hyderabad part in a bit, but for a local Andhra Pradesh Channel to be the FIRST one to air pictures from Ahmedabad, means either a record response time or a larger than national channels/ firangi money backed channels’ ground network. I shall let you come up with your own options. 

Now the Mecca Masjid blast, a TV9 cameraman was IN the Mecca Masjid, supposedly shooting the praying public at the mosque, for a religious program to be coming on the channel, with him at a safe distance away from the blast point, and the camera pointed at exactly the same angle as the blast. Strange coincidence ha. 

In both the cases, I am sure TV9 made a quick buck with their feed being picked up by channels with larger reach. I cannot allude to  the Gokul Chat and Lumbini Park Blasts in Hyderabad as I did not see the tv coverage. 

I know it is a sick thing to come up with, but hey, with the kind of uncertainty we are living around in, there is a chance of anything to be right

As far blasts are concerned, Kolkata and Chennai are the big ones which are left untouched, till now. Touch wood or whatever.


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I am a hypocrite.

2 thoughts on “Doubting Thomas Finds Similarity in Blasts”

  1. Hahahaha….this is a strange coincidence! I didn’t know that you have written this article…very similar? When exactly did you get this thought? I got it on the day of blast itself…regarding my new blog…i’m still gettin used to wordpress…So, didn’t tell anyone for a while…i didn’t know that it has so many features, frankly..wordpress rocks:-) .Coming to Ravi Prakash…lol! His post says something else…ours posts below depict something else!


  2. Oraii…koncham font size penchura….do i have a problem with my eyes? Or is it because of your blog contrast,i am finding it difficult to read…


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