Greasemonkey for Chrome – Beta or Not

Update on 11 Dec 08: Now that Chrome has made its way out of beta, Greasemonkey is supported by default but still needs a bit of tweaking.

1.  Right click your Chrome shortcut to get to properties.

2. In the target line, at the end of the path ( after the “), paste ” -enable-greasemonkey” and save the properties.

3. Copy your scripts into the folder C:\scripts\ 

This should let you work with your scripts on Chrome. 

Original Post :

A tool to run user scripts in Chrome Beta. Does the same what Greasemonkey does with Firefox and Greasekit with Safari.

Instructions to use :

1. Close Chrome and run installer.

2. Place your scripts in C:\Program Files\Greasemetal\userjs\

3. Open Greasemetal. It will start Chrome with your scripts loaded.



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