A Little Escapade – 1 – Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead

Last week I became a member of The Little Theater. It screens only independent and foreign films. It has 5 screens( I saw 5 ) each one characteristically , little. No legroom at all. But the decor of each screen was remarkable( though Spot Cafe is another league altogether). Each of the walls had these vintage posters, with archaic font-types, which I felt was very amusing( Don’t ask how. Not all visual pleasures are traceable down to logic ). I look forward to watching many more movies at this theater as, part of the deal with the membership being able to watch a dozen movies for free. Effectively I shall be watching those movies for a highly subsidized rate.

Now to the movie. Plot – Domino Effect. One detail goes wrong in a plan that is not well thought out and the rest of the movie depicts how that affects a family. One scene I liked in particular was the father – son talk after the mother’s death. The elder son feels that he had always gotten to see the rough side of things and that his father always favored his brother. The father feels that he should have been more considerate to his son. The dialogue that follows and the slap that ends it, that for me was the defining moment of the film. Much of the movie shows the emotional support systems of the two brothers , which also fall apart eventually. There aren’t any comic scenes in this heavy drama bar one, wherein the wife/girl friend decides to leave him , but has to ask him money to go to her mothers. Excessive use of firearms ( I am not comparing with action flicks ) was one thing that was hard to digest, but the ending I felt was appropriate. The father has his revenge, after his final words to his son.

It was made out to look like a very dark film with the plot and the intentions of every character involved, but I felt that it was coldly natural of everyone involved to have behaved the way they did. The best part of the film was the camera work, where in zooms were extremely slow and letting the scene run into silence for excruciatingly long periods which kind of lets you soak in the drama.

I keep getting this from people – ” That movie made me think a lot”. The same was happening with me once I came out of Little. About what, I do not know even now. May be I was brooding over the following lines.

“May you have food and raiment, a soft pillow for you’re head;

 May you be 40 years in heaven, before the devil knows you’re dead.”


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6 thoughts on “A Little Escapade – 1 – Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead”

  1. Sounds like a great movie.. What is its name dude? I did nt find that in any part of the blog?? Is it the domino effect??


  2. Philip seymour hoffman just gave a brilliant performance didnt he.. i wasnt that impressed with the movie or his acting till the scene in the car where he loses it about his dad trying to make it up to him.. from then on his performace was just electryfying..


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