Time Delayed Version

records..:(( y does one hafta do dem:((
so i am like stuck with ..deciding to do them or outsource the same >:) ..but having deliberated over it and having made the decision of doing it myself with a little help from those angels( read as ppl whu draw diagrams) i have foundno time to do the blog..so thode din ke liye status quo..sra slumbers on..rahul works..

c u around soon :-ss


March the 18th 2006

uthaa :-s 10.30 ko nikalne ka plan.. ironing my shirts is something i love to do..but in leisure time.. baaki sab bhaad mein jaaye ..i take pride in my ironing and boot polishing.. 3 shirts iron kiya..:P ek black tshirt pehna..as if to say..soorya bhagwan..i am all yours to burn #-o…apu n her frend giving treat to odas..totally dey 5..mereko aau boli imax ko ..so apun gaya…

activa take ..go..vrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom >:D< roadside=”))” style=”font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;”>veblen goods. dey too had taken tix for 9211 😛 11.30show. apu n co came pretty late..goudn co ko andar entry maardo boldaala ..movie more important :-j 😛

apu n co arrived..i was intro’d to pavithra ( name dat i will never ever forget :P) ,farheen, ruksana ..went 2 movie late :-jbut had seen it..time passed :-jbreak mein goud sponsor :-j :Pmo

movie againtime pass icch thaa..nana patekar rox :)>- JA ka first ACTING performance 😛 ..

den went 2 paradise..dese ppl time liye..i knew it wud happen so bolke..beech mein necklace road pe niimbu soda :X i am also like goud n co :-j paradise is a jinxed place for me so i was :-s

udhar anoda person of this gang..suvarsha waitin..abhi actually me muh kholna :-@ shuru kiya 😛 but wid so many females its so very difficult to communicate @-) dey were enthu abt deir kaaleg ka fest..first time ..insurrexn kathey 😕 on april 1st :-j wanna try 😛 askin me wat 2 do and all 😛 den then some standard yapping…food beechmein =p~ 😛 den went 2 softy :-j udhar i sponsored ICs…but not wasnt d worst part..wen we went downstairs….baithke khaaneko ..udhar ek couple..smooching or wateva..ladki tho uspar chadrii and they dint stop even after we came…farheen cudnt stop laafing and actually switched places :)) accha time pass kiye..my icecream sucked[-( dont take berry overload [-x take my word for it :(( den i did something ;;) wich X( :(( :-l ed apu :)) dose gals hopefully will trouble her :- j

den dey went 2 buy gift for apu and ruksana whu had had her bday d prev day ..gals shopping @-) god save me [-o< he dint :Pden alvida tata birla …
while returnin home grapes khareeda :X side mein watermelon bandi dekaa :-?khaaya 😀

ghar aake net pe:D strday i had given samu n pratyusha( praT) my diary entries of 2004 :-j dey started discussin abt dat..praT wanted me 2 rite a buuk @-)i was like yeah rite @-)…aditya with his cisco fiasco #-o login karneko nai aara 8-|
yavvan aaya to give some PAPERS wich are to be given 2 ashwat..usko drop kiya station par..he described some stuff :-j dinnered ..vankaai :X chatted wid loadsa ppl..din accha icch gaya..2moro Page10 @ dinnus…do i want 2 do a PAPER or not is wat i am thinking..but will doze off now i-)
den accha jaake watched some gharshana and kalisundaam raa..venky bday aa today :-?????den came ba

Pay Day # 2

pay day 1 was in first year wen i won some quiz in college :-j 😛

snist ko firse went..akshay and his frend spoorthy arrived in M8 and picked me up …reached dere screwed quiz finals..i blame vaasthu..reverse round nai thaa :-l..potpourri kal we won kathey :-j

den dumbc ..me akshay and manasi won it :D:D:D…

akshay 2nd in xtempore.. manasi 1st in dancing..blah blah..:P
lunch was a yucky manchuria ..and many appys #:-s

sra as usual kebaab mein haddi ..so spent an hour wid akshays mates..vaibhav and sankalp..saala mereko shoo nai karke kiya 😛 well i got d point and went ussh kaaki 😛

valedictory mein prizes liye ie cash :-j apna share 833.33 😀 😛 return trip pe gaane gaayins spoorT …nice voice..axe suggesting.. she singing..sra sleeping:P driver saaheb ghar pe drop kare and unka borrowed kurtha leke gaye 😛 time pass bahut kam hua yeh do din mein..lekin happy dat kuch paise mile..

isii darmiyaaan shravan saheb ko call parne par patha chala kii 99MHz par hai sablog..ppl in class who make their presence felt when it comes to money matters and keep dud jab kaam karna padtha..
aaya ghar mein bolaa 😀
den online baithaa..time pass wid classm8s samatha(sam),aditya(ADI) ,harish(BABE), sridinesh(dinnu)….

also apu and samatha ouce ( samu)..prob will meet apu 2moro..:-j
dinnered=p~ dondakaai :X
dinnu described days proceedings :-j stupid ppl ka oa he described ..:P yavvan called ..he too did the same..:P…current…i am a lil pissed….:-l wid d taaks dat are happenin in class relating 2 farewell organising..dats y i always keep myself away from all of these ..so thus i propose to end this day..po bey nidra po inkem soosthaav 😛

My First Single….Take 2

see ..sra always screws it up with his blogs.. tho i typed d prev post on may 31 2k5 but posted it on 16 march 2k6….

in d mean time..i got a backlog in analog electronic ckts..cleared it d next sem..:P

also applied for my passport :)>-

so lemme start wid 2day…

went 2 SNIST wid akshay..for his col fest SREEFEST..:P d coll sucked as a place…ppl..well..werent dat enthu..but for a first time col fest it was ok..spend d day wid his classm8 manasi and vaibhav..dint rap :-j JUDGES were dere:P quiz and potpourri mein time pass kiya..think will get thru quiz prelims..Potpourri jeethey tho will b happy 😛

came home and saw http://www.pageten.blogspot.com and then i realised..i too had a blog of my own :))..so let us c ..if i continue doin all dis again :-j and my fav quote…time will answer more questions than i ever will