Mumbai Soaked In Terror

The spirit of Mumbai prevails and they all  lived happily ever after. Just that they deserve better.


Push Push Push

Guys shouting 1 2 3 4 Push 

Climax of Salaam Namaste or a couch stuck in between the walls of the stairs at 51 Crittenden.

Greasemonkey for Chrome – Beta or Not

Update on 11 Dec 08: Now that Chrome has made its way out of beta, Greasemonkey is supported by default but still needs a bit of tweaking.

1.  Right click your Chrome shortcut to get to properties.

2. In the target line, at the end of the path ( after the “), paste ” -enable-greasemonkey” and save the properties.

3. Copy your scripts into the folder C:\scripts\ 

This should let you work with your scripts on Chrome. 

Original Post :

A tool to run user scripts in Chrome Beta. Does the same what Greasemonkey does with Firefox and Greasekit with Safari.

Instructions to use :

1. Close Chrome and run installer.

2. Place your scripts in C:\Program Files\Greasemetal\userjs\

3. Open Greasemetal. It will start Chrome with your scripts loaded.


Gmail Voice & Video Chat

Voice & Video in a browser. Let’s see how it is.


Update : Video clarity is awesome. Far better than Skype, which is anyway better than frame by frame slow motion replay video of Yahoo. But one problem I have found is that after ending a voice call with one contact, it takes about 2-3 minutes to allow for another call to be made.

Breaking News – Presidential Elections – Decision 2008

Who says this US Presidential Election is just about race. Its also about caste. WordPress tries to help the cause in its own way.

Nader Gets Help From WordPress
Nader Gets Help From WordPress

 ( click on image to see clearly ) 

PS: Everyone – Post relevant only to Tamil type people.

PPS : Tamil type people – Kindly excuse 😛