Fevi Kwik

It is advisable that one uses the Fevi Kwik Rs.5 pack judiciously. I will now qualify one such aspect of care.

It so happens that it comes with a cap for re-use. You use it once and put on the cap. A few days later, you pick it up again to glue something else. The cap opens, but the hole at the top is covered up with the hardened glue. There are umpteen options available to make it usable. 

It so happens, that I chose to open it, by biting on the hardened glue. Spurted out did the remaining glue into my mouth, causing my tongue to stick with itself in folds , my tongue to stick to the teeth of the lower jaw, my teeth of the upper jaw to stick with the teeth of the lower jaw and my teeth of the lower jaw to inner side of my right cheek inside the mouth. 

Instant panic allowed me to untwine my tongue and detach it from the teeth followed by separation of the now seemingly conjoined jaws and then the mouth. After a good 10 minutes of scratching my teeth and tongue with a screw driver, I had my mouth in a better shape than before and was able to talk. There is still some of it stuck to my premolars, but that is left to be fought with another day.

So now you know the moral of this story. 

And by the way, this is not the worst I have put my mouth to trouble. A couple of years back, I gargled and mouthwashed with Dettol. Strong after taste you know. May be you can try. So strong, for the next 3 months, I could not taste anything I ate. True Story, Akshay, True Story.


Red & White Bravery Award

Grating your thumb while grating Fresh Frozen (already) Grated Coconut and mixing your red blood with the white grated coconut does not give you Red & White Bravery Award.

Gym Bhai Gym Bhai

Fatass and Pandu went to Muscle Power Gym. They went there to watch ITV and I believe went to sit on the cycle. Long time ago. I never joined them. Why, I do not know.

I joined the URMC gym yesterday and bought appropriate shoes for the same. Today, after screwing up earlier in the day, I decided to continue to stick to THE SCHEDULE. I went there, a little skeptic, a little bashful, but went there all the same. I had not undergone the customary orientation due to some clash in schedule. To use any equipment, one had to sign up. I put in my name for the cycle ( I had to follow my seniors on this. Plus, it was beside the TV so that made the decision for me ). Since I had some time, I entered the squash court. My prior experience of squash has been of me trying it and then switching to Racquetball. I went in, alone, into the court with the necessities. Hit the ball once or twice and then it happened. I twisted my ankle and fell. And there ended my Gym story. I am hardly able to walk.

Moral of Another Story : Go to gym and then do gymming. Don’t do overaction.