An Amazing Run By Ryan Giggs / Aakhri Alvida Na Ho

I am a Ryan Giggs fan and that is something most of my friends know. With the kind of talent and oppurtunity that he had, I believe Sachin Tendulkar should have been the Ryan Giggs of Indian Cricket. But then again that is a different story.

The following is a clip towards the end of a Sky Sports special, An Amazing Run By Ryan Giggs. 

One common thing in every sports compilation video, football  in particular, is the awesome soundtracks that these have running in the background and that coupled with the ambient stadium noise & commentary results in a totally electrifying experience. 

The reason I actually put this video up is because I noticed that the music here is very similar to the in Strings – Aakhri Alvida Na Ho. Compare the leads, preferably with headphones on.

Who flicked from whom or is it just a coincidence or am I hearing things? You be the judge.