She was not fit to fly but her dead body was.


Cooking Escapades – Gajar ka Kulfi

1. Grate carrots such that you get 3 cups of grated carrots.

2. In a big pan, heat some ghee and fry the grated carrot for about a minute.

3. Add 3 cups of milk and keep stirring at medium heat.

4. When the milk starts to boil, add 1.5 cups of sugar and continue stirring.

5. After 10 minutes of stirring, taste it once. You will find that there isn’t enough sugar. Add another half a cup of sugar and continue stirring.

6. After 10 more minutes of stirring, strain all the milk into a container and leave the residue aside.

7. Let the milk cool down and then place the container in the freezer.

The frozen stuff is now your Gajar ka Kulfi. Recipe serves two.

Gajar ka Kulfi
Gajar ka Kulfi

Since we believe in recycling, the residue needn’t be thrown away. Fry some cashews and raisins in ghee and mix it with the residue. Some people may like it as a sweet and call it Gajar ka Halwa. Recipe serves four.

Gajar ka Halwa
Gajar ka Halwa

Special Inputs : Chef Goud.

Movie Review – Hello

Write a movie-script based on something very common but something no one would even think about making into a full fledged movie. Let there be commotion at the beginning, the main characters to have sex, all hell break loose near the end and then all’s well that end’s well.  Publish it as a book at a time when much of the youth of the nation has just picked up the habit of reading. Also, do not forget to include, ” soon to be made as a movie” at the bottom of the cover page. Publicize it well enough and sell it in huge numbers. 

Repeat process 3 times and today your name is Chetan Bhagat. 

Hello is the only one of those three which has gotten to see daylight as a movie as of now, but it is the one that should not have and that is because of the story. Now that it is out, I shall not bash the movie based on the story but judge it based on how well the story is told through the performances.  I assume that unfortunately you have read the book. 

Character building and character assassination both take a lot of time, but with time constraint being a limitation that films as a medium inherently have, there is only so much that can be done, especially in the case of adaptations, since there is a preset notion to cater to. While building the screenplay for this movie , maximizing available screen time towards assigning the fallacies of all the characters seemed to be the last thing on these guys minds. From the very beginning, with a Salman Khan dance performance, the naach-gaana sequences had a higher priority than the actual telling of the story. Precious time wasted I must say. ( Precious time wasted you must say since I wasted so much space in telling just one thing 😛 ).

Sharman came the closest to portraying his character, Shyam. Sohail Khan as Vroom was a joke. Vroom was the only part one would  have wanted to be and Sohail’s antics just took all the zing out of it. And the ladies, the less said the better. They just droned through the entire thing. Sharat Saxena as Military Uncle was totally wasted. Yes, his part didn’t have much to say in the book itself, but all his scenes were as if he said whatever he did because he was in the book and not because the story required him to.  The only person who did total justice to the character was Dilip Tahil as Bakshi, the manager. The music was nothing to gaga over, just the standard stuff that Bollywood doles out when Pakistanis and crime master Pritam are not involved.  For a moment at the end, I had thought that the climax had changed, but then how could the very scene that made the  book feel perfectly Bollywood-esque, be out of the movie? It stayed and completed the drubbing. 

For the best part of this movie, it is expected of the viewer to have read the book before watching it and thus fill in the blanks on our own. If you havent read the book, then you are in for a confusing time. This is really a pitiable situation for the writer, because inspite of being actively involved with the making of the movie, it still does a horrendous job telling the story that he started out telling. And if one is to believe, that he had a change of heart and wanted to do a better job with the movie than he did with the book, then I would say he screwed it up royally.  

And now for some free advice to Chetan. Since you continuing to write books and hoping that they would make it as movies is a given, I hope that you would do a better job at it, for it was a novel writer ( Yendamuri Veerendranath)  who has been a major driving force behind the phenomenon that is today known as Chiranjeevi.  Lets see how FPS makes out as Three Idiots.

P.S. : It is another matter that Yendamuri too let success get to his head at a later stage but not before giving Chiranjeevi some of his best hits.

Update: I just remembered something from Saarang 07. The FPS play by Madras Players was far better than this and they did it in about an hour.

An Amazing Run By Ryan Giggs / Aakhri Alvida Na Ho

I am a Ryan Giggs fan and that is something most of my friends know. With the kind of talent and oppurtunity that he had, I believe Sachin Tendulkar should have been the Ryan Giggs of Indian Cricket. But then again that is a different story.

The following is a clip towards the end of a Sky Sports special, An Amazing Run By Ryan Giggs. 

One common thing in every sports compilation video, football  in particular, is the awesome soundtracks that these have running in the background and that coupled with the ambient stadium noise & commentary results in a totally electrifying experience. 

The reason I actually put this video up is because I noticed that the music here is very similar to the in Strings – Aakhri Alvida Na Ho. Compare the leads, preferably with headphones on.

Who flicked from whom or is it just a coincidence or am I hearing things? You be the judge.