Kate O’Sessions Memorial Park

I discovered Kate Sessions a couple of months ago when I was avoiding the I-5 when heading from UTC to Ocean Beach. There’s a do-it-yourself car wash place on Garnet Ave that I take my motorcycle for a bath and thats when I found it. On my way back from the wash, I headed out there.

This place probably has the best view in San Diego. I felt totally at peace being there and it is a dog-friendly park which I am totally down with. Ever since I moved to this country 7 years ago, I miss Blackie so getting to play with a few free spirited friendlies was very refreshing. Mt. Soledad gets a lot of tourists and locals, but this park seems to be a local community secret.

When I took my wife the next time around, there was a swing set up by someone on one of the trees by the parking lot. After haggling with a couple of kids we got our chance with the swing and that is when I captured this.