I want to be ..

.. an insensitive prick, again. I want to be rude to everyone else and call myself frank, again. To hell with this maturity and growing up shit, I want to be that characterless fellow, again.


Blogswara V5

Blogswara is out with its lastest album, V5.  Check them out; I liked them and it’s free to download. I may update this post after listening a few more times.

Kalasala – Kalloori in Telugu

Last December, I had written this  while comparing Happy Days and Kalloori

 I pity the Telugu town/village student community who could not relate to themselves in Happy Days. I hope Shankar dubs Kalloori into Telugu and at least gives them a chance at that.

This December, it is finally happenning.

Go Invisible in Google Talk

Just in case you guys did not know, for those of you who like to use Google Talk but end up using Gmail for the Invisibility ( aka feigning invincibility) factor, the Labs version of Google Talk allows for you to go invisible.And no, it doesn’t yet have the Video chat capability that came in Gmail a few weeks back. Seems like the Labs Edition has been around for a while but I noticed it just recently. Check it out if that is what you need and let me know how it goes. I found it getting  disconnected and reconnected on its own quite a few times.

Actress Pratyusha’s Suicide/Murder – CID’s perspective

For those interested, here it is.  Ever wonder how you get to something while surfing. I got there in the following steps 

1. Movies in which a character comes back after presumed death

2. Aisi Deewangi Song

3. Divya Bharti’s Suicide/Murder

4. Pratyusha’s Suicide/Murder ( Note how the title says Murder case, but the sentence is for abetting in a suicide. It may well be public belief that it was a murder, but when reporting on something, shouldn’t it be just that. The Editorial section is there for opinions )

PS: ( I am dishing out a lot of half cooked drafts that have been lying in my dashboard. Kindly excuse and ignore )